Client List
BTC Power
Janty Technology Group Limited
Inducon BV
Flex Ltd.
Lexmark Research & Development Corp.
Philippine Kenko Corporation
NEVMET (Nevada Manufacturing Engineering Technologies Inc.)
CICLON Semiconductor Device Corp.
Integrated Microelectronics Inc.
Goji Industry
Euro CB


Client Name Nationality Products
BTC Power American OEM of electric vehicle charging stations
Janty Technology Group Limited Belgian PCBA for electronic cigarette (e-cig) devices
Inducon BV Dutch PCB for IoT devices and wireless sensor networks

Flex Ltd.


PCBA prototyping for various products
Lexmark Research & Development Corp. American PCBA Prototype for their Inkjet and Laser printers.
Philippine Kenko Corporation Japanese LED lighting control systems for rifle scopes.
LSID Dutch Large Scale Information Displays using Electronic Paper Displays (EPD).
NEVMET (Nevada Manufacturing Engineering Technologies Inc.) American Docking stations, Card readers, & other gaming related products for the US Gaming Industry.
CICLON Semiconductor Device Corp. American Integrated Circuits ( IC ) Test Boards
IMI (Integrated Microelectronics Inc. ) Filipino Various Optical Communication Products
NEC/Celestica Japanese/Canadian ADSL Modem & DSLAM Modules
Pentax Japanese CCD Flex Circuit Module & Speaker Sub-PCB for their Digital Camera's
Timex American Digital watch modules & Wireless heart rate monitor modules
Goji Industry Japanese SLR camera flash control module
Euro CB French Wireless Bluetooth hands-free car systems (Mobile Phone)
Sector Share Client Nationality