About the Company

PMI (Precision Microcircuits, Inc.) is a product of years of contract manufacturing experience in electronic and mechanical assembly.

Established last February 1, 2000 as an independent SMT contract manufacturing facility, PMI has continually satisfied its customers with the flexibility to adjust to the customers requirements in terms of delivery schedule changes and production changes.

PMI boasts of its acquisition of the latest brand-new SMT assembly equipment. From Germany, an EKRA E4 Solder Printer with Full-Vision Auto-Alignment capability.

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Our Equipment

Yamaha YV100X Chip Mounter
Accommodates a wide range of components from 0603 to 32mm QFP.

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IC Mounter Yamaha YV88Xg IC Mounter
Ultra-high-precision, general-purpose modular mounter highlights ultimate accuracy, wide-flexibility and multi-function.

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Chip Mounter Yamaha YV180Xg Chip Mounter
Ultra-high-speed chip shooter at 30,000 CPH (0.12 sec./chip, under IPC9850 condition).

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Ekra Solder Printer EKRA E4 Solder Printer
Equipped with “Full Vision Alignment” technology guarantee accurate printing alignment all the time.

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