Quick Facts

February 1, 2000

Core Business:
Electronic Manufacturing Services

Telecommunications & Consumer Electronics

About Precision Microcircuits Incorporated

PMI (Precision Microcircuits, Inc.) is a product of years of contract manufacturing experience in electronic and mechanical assembly.

Established last February 1, 2000 as an independent SMT contract manufacturing facility, PMI has continually satisfied its customers with the flexibility to adjust to the customers requirements in terms of delivery schedule changes and production changes.

PMI boasts of its acquisition of the latest brand-new SMT assembly equipment. From Germany, an EKRA E4 Solder Printer with Full-Vision Auto-Alignment capability.

PMI also uses the Yamaha YV 100X High-Speed High-Precision Modular pick and place chipmounter capable of mounting up to the smallest 0603mm components to 32mm components, long connectors, CSP’s, BGA’s and QFP’s.

PMI recently added two brand-new Yamaha mounters. Namely, the YV 180Xg chip shooter and the YV 88Xg IC placer.  With this addition, we can now mount a wider variety of components.

For Reflow, PMI uses the U.S. made Heller 1500EXL Forced Convection Reflow oven.

Nutek PCB handling equipment carries out all PCB handling/movement to avoid slumping of the solder paste during transport.

For ESD control, PMI personnel are suited up with anti-static smocks, anti-static finger cots and conductive shoes to compliment the use of conductive floor tiles within the production area.

We have assembled the PCB’s for the latest Timex digital watch models, heart rate monitors, NEC ADSL Modems & DSLAM modules, Pentax Digital Camera Modules, Etc.

PMI Laser Engraving, Marking & Cutting Division:

In April 2010, PMI started the Laser Engraving, Marking & Cutting Division.

The new Laser Division caters to a wide array of customers/manufacturers from Fashion Jewelry, Gift Items, Home Decor, etc.

We also accept personal & custom projects such as Wedding Giveaways, Reunion Tokens, Awards, Plaques, Trophies, Custom Engraving/Marking of electronic devices, etc.

Our formula for success:
Ensure product Quality at reasonable Cost, and on-time Delivery.

Our ultimate goal:
Customer satisfaction.

Our challenge is to build strong and lasting relationships with our new and existing clients through quality service.


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